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By Kevin Wong

Home Catering in Singapore

Home catering in Singapore is a great opportunity for close family members and friends to meet and socialise. When an occasion is as important as an engagement reception, reunion or a baby full-month celebrations, engaging food catering services for home is convenient. We are an established company providing catering from home in Singapore. Buffet home catering in Singapore is our specialty. However, there is a wide variety of food items in our catering menus. From the moment you call, to the night of the event, you can rest assured that your special occasion will be a total success. With our years of experience as a home food caterer in Singapore, we have earned a proud reputation for offering the best and most trusted services. We have many clients who repeatedly use our home catering services in Singapore for their home functions.

Professionals at Home Catering Functions

Catering at home, indoors or outdoors, is our specialty. Our food catering services in Singapore include event planning, menu selection, catering table layout arrangements, provision of awnings and canopies, dining ware, and deployment of staff attendance and servers, etc.

Home Catering
Hiring the right home caterer is essential to having a successful event. A good caterer should be able to present their meals in a number of different service options – formal, seated dinner, revolving platters, or a series of cocktail meals.

Hosting a celebration presents several challenges, but you will find at-home catering can alleviate a lot from your worries. If you are taking a look at at-home catering, make certain you realize how many persons may be attending the event ahead of putting your order. The amazing situation about at-home catering is the fact that buffet style meals are often the simplest way to go, which provides you with more leeway applying a headcount in a situation when more people turn up.

Our catering team is happy to be of service and ready to serve you with unsurpassed dedication. Singapore home catering is our specialty. We offer affordable catering, whether it is for small groups of 30 to 50 persons or large gatherings of 200 to 500 persons for breakfast, lunch, dinner or bbq. We can also arrange for vegetarian catering or bbq catering as well. We offer very competitive catering prices for the best and finest meats, seafood, cheeses, vegetables, fruits available in Singapore. That's what makes our business of home catering in Singapore so outstanding.

Home Catering Tips:

If you are arranging a large event, really don't go using the very same old program. Attempt one thing new - you will be pleased to seek out that visitors enjoy to view something new at these kind of occasions. One of many very best approaches to spice up your subsequent occasion is with some eclectic and creative food functions. We suggest something besides the typical buffet line or sit-down meal. One of several common approaches to add somewhat enjoyable to an occasion with foods is by bringing in the foods cart. Engaged couples appear to have embraced this notion wholeheartedly. One of the well-known wedding trends nowadays is to carry within a late-night snack for visitors on the reception. Hours following the primary meal, and nicely right into a night of dancing, guests are thrilled to view a food cart can be found in by using a minor far more foods to keep them total and happy. Pizza is certainly a popular option for these food carts, but scorching dog stands and ice cream bars can also be gaining in popularity. And weddings aren’t the sole events in which meals carts can can be found in useful. Guests at charity occasions and sports outings adore these kinds of surprises at the same time. Another great way to liven up your meals program for occasions is through the use of food stations. That is usually employed as being a approach to make hors d’oeuvres far more fun and interactive. Rather than possessing a line of snacks along a straight table, caterers recommend spreading out the hors d’oeuvres to different tables around the occasion space. For occasion planners, this can be a terrific method to motivate mingling and socializing at the beginning of an occasion.

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